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Mallory + Joe | Denver Engagement Session

Updated: Feb 28

This is one of my favorite sessions I've ever done and Mallory and Joe are the perfect couple! I was brand new to the Denver and it turned into a dream spot for their engagement session!

Courthouse elopement session

My sweet friend Noelle invited me out to Colorado to stay with her family. Colorado has always been a dream spot for me so I was thrilled for the opportunity! When the date was finally finalized, I did what everyone does...head to Facebook! Ha! I told Noelle, who is a former photographer, that I wanted to set aside an afternoon for a photo session with a local couple. She completely understood! So I began to search for a couple.

In comes Mallory! We connected on a Colorado weddings group on Facebook when she posted that she was looking for an engagement photographer. I was thrilled to be picked! We chatted a ton about ideas and locations. Mallory was so sweet to provide a list of places we could use since she knew I had never been in the area before. One of the locations on the list caught my eye, Union Station in Denver. I'm not aware of any train stations that look have this same vibe and look here in Florida, so I was eager for the opportunity for a session there!

Baby Gigi joined us too! The cutest little Yorkie-Poo puppy! Everyone that saw her fell in love instantly! She was such a good listener :)

Puppy at Union Station Denver

Union Station Denver Colorado

A majority of the first part of the session took place inside Union Station but it was pretty crowded since the session took place in the late afternoon. One of Mallory's inso photos included gorgeous columns so I started doing some research. You would think Union Station would have columns, but nope! I looked everywhere until I found the most perfect place, Byron White United States Courthouse. It is such a stunning building! Since it closed at 5pm, we were pretty much alone for the shoot. Didn't have to worry about anyone going in and out of the building in the background of any shots and we stayed in our own little space to not seem like we were taking over the building as well.

Byron White Courthouse Denver Colorado

These 2 make a stunning couple! And that bow! Seriously, it's so cute. Mallory's dress is from Here! And her makeup artist can be found Here!

Puppy at Byron white courthouse

Couple with dog at Denver courthouse

Puppy sitting on courthouse step Denver

Gigi was as big as the champagne bottle! I just had to document it!

At the end of the session, people on the street would shout out congratulations and other well wishes to Mallory and Joe and I just thought that was so sweet!

Denver Engagement Session | Cintia Ally Photography

This was so fun to capture! I highly recommend champagne popping photos if you've never done it! I wrote a blog post recently and included instructions on how to pop champagne like a pro at the end. Read that post here!

Want to book your engagement session with me in Denver or anywhere in the world? Guess what! I travel!

Click the link to set up your session!

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