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Must Have Wedding Details!

Your wedding day goes by in a flash. The moment you wake up, things are already happening. Someone is texting you asking a question about the reception, notifications online congratulating you on the big day ahead, MUA arriving to start getting you ready and the list goes on! In the midst of all that craziness and sometimes stressful moments, your wedding photographer arrives and asks you what items you want to include in your details photos. Now you have to quickly figure out what details to include and where they all are at that exact moment to hand over to the photographer. Did you get all the details? Did you forget something sentimental?

Must Have Wedding Details flat lay setup

Does that scenario stress you out? Probably. Is there an easier way to handle this situation? Yes.

What if I created a checklist for you with all the must have wedding details your photographer needs to create that gorgeous detail shot you've seen on Pinterest? Well, I did! And you can thank me later! :)

Must Have Wedding Details brides shoes and bouquet

Why do I even need to have a photo of my details?

First of all, detail photos are the photos of the details from the day. Normally, these are items that may not show up in photos unless they are highlighted in the details photos. If you're wearing a special necklace handed down from generation to generation, I want to know that to make sure to honor that special heirloom. Yes, it'll show up in your wedding photos since you'll be wearing it, but its characteristics will be lost in those photos.

Highlighting the special items that you and your fiancé handpicked to be part of your wedding are things you'll want to remember for years to come because they are just as much part of your day as the guests you invited.

Must Have Wedding Details bouquet and ring

Must Have Wedding Details - Brides

Engagement ring & wedding ring

Ring box (Original or personalized one)

Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, any other jewelry the bride is wearing)




Vow book


Perfume bottle


Personal letter/gift to each other

Brides "something borrowed" or "something blue"

Cute or custom hanger

Extra invitation suite

Must Have Wedding Details grooms shoes and rings

Must Have Wedding Details - Groom

Wedding ring

Shoes & socks (especially if the socks have a special meaning)

Vow book

Cologne bottle


Tie or Bow tie


Personal letter/gift to each other

Put all the items into a shoebox with a note detailing who gets the box after the photographer is done with the details shot. Pro tip: Assign this task to a responsible member of the bridal party that knows everyone or your day of wedding coordinator and can make sure all items return to the right person.

Must Have Wedding Details focus on rings
Must Have Wedding Details ring box

Other Must Have Wedding Details Tips

Ask your florist for extra clippings of the leaves or petals from the flowers in your bouquet to give your photos more personal details. This also adds to the look of the photos while keeping the theme consistent throughout the photos.

These must have details aren't just items. They are purposeful pieces that were handpicked for a reason. Maybe they are fun and speak to your personality. Maybe their sentimental and remind of a loved one that is no longer present.

Whatever the reason, you included each one of the details and they deserve to be highlighted and remembered for years to come.

Must Have Wedding Details bride and bouquet

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