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Downtown St. Pete Pier Engagement Session

My sweet friends Amy and Jona are engaged and that's one of the best news ever! They choose the downtown St. Pete pier area because it's a perfect blend of city vibes and the beach and that perfectly describes the two of them!

Downtown St. Pete Couple Session - museum of fine arts St. Petersburg

Amy and I have been friends for a few years now. I think we met in one of the small groups hosted by our church (or was it through a mutual friend that went to her city group... I don't remember!). Somehow we met and became friends :)

We'd take long walks around Lake Hollingsworth and discuss work, hobbies, and of course the guys in our lives. So many conversations about our guys! But finally there was a new guy she started telling me about that she'd met in her dancing group. Amy loves to dance, especially salsa. She spent lots of nights dancing away in Tampa and Orlando and building a community of friends that also loved to dance. One of those friends was Jona.

Downtown St. Pete engagement session

After they started dating, I got to meet Jona at a birthday party in Lakeland. I was so excited to meet him because Amy was excited about him! I tried to interrogate him as best as I could for my friend to make sure he was a good guy. We chatted lots that night and one of the things I noticed right away was how curious he was in getting to know the lives of Amy's friends. He was earnestly invested in us! I don't remember much of our conversations that night, but I do know we chatted about education. I was still teaching at that time and Jona was so curious to understand the education system in Florida. He asked great questions and was so appreciative of educators today. That really stood out to me! I was excited to report that I thought Jona was a really great guy!

Downtown St. Pete Session

Downtown St. Pete Pier Engagement Session

Over the last couple years, we've been on multiple double dates together. It's been so great to see their relationship grow and to see how happy they are together. They love the life they've built together and genuinely enjoy their time together. I love how they support each other! Recently, Jona learned that Tesla has a sleep mode in their cars so you can sleep in the car with the ac running but without having to leave the car running all night. Jona wanted to put this to the test and Amy planned the camping trip! She willing slept in the car with him to test this feature! That's amazing!

Downtown St. Pete Engagement Session couple

Downtown St. Pete wedding photographer

Downtown St. Pete Engagement Session

I love how much they laugh together! It comes so naturally to them!

Downtown St. Pete Engagement Session Poses

Downtown St. Pete Engagement Session couple

Downtown St. Pete was an absolutely perfect spot for Amy and Jona's engagement session. Jona enjoys the vibe of a big city while Amy loves the outdoors and the beach. From one view, it's all city behind you. Turn around and you'll see palm trees, sand boats, and the beach. We met at sunset and walked around the area until dark. We ended the session at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg with an outfit change. I was obsessed with the steps and columns! Amy and Jona are dancers so, of course, I asked them to do a little dancing for their photos. They're so fun to watch because dancing together is so natural to them at this point. They made it look so easy!

Downtown St. Pete Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg photo session

Downtown St. Pete Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg engagement session

Downtown St. Pete Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg couples session

Downtown St. Pete Engagement Session | Cintia Ally Photography

They're a gorgeous couple! I'm thrilled to be their wedding photographer later this year! I can already guarantee that the day will be fun, full of laughter, happy tears, and dancing!

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